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20XP Every 5 Seconds

Shadow Line:

Nothing wrong with this line, of course, as it is quite popular with the current population of priests.  The primary ones being Darkness + Shadowform + Shadoweaving giving the priests shadow spells 40% damage increase.  Silence + Improved psychic scream are also very useful in PvP.  The shadow line gives the priest powerful damage capability, including the Shadoweave which drops your enemy's shadow resistance

Pain, shield and renew are instant cast.  Therefore always start your attack with a slow casting spell.

 The Power Word Shield spell is the priests Armor.  Since a priest cannot wear anything but cloth, you will use this spell like you breathe air.  If you are not using this spell continuously in battle, you are not playing a priest very well.  Because this spell is so utterly critical, it is highly important that you go straight for "Improved Power Word Shield" talents in your discipline first, before anything else.  This just makes a huge difference in combat, and getting you up to the higher levels.  Smite is garbage.  Shadow is much better (mind blast). 

Later on, you will get Mind Control and psychic scream, two very powerful spells.  Mind Control is excellent in PvP, and so is Mind Rot in group PvP (which drains manna)

Holy Line:

This line is for those who want to play the traditional 'healer' priest.  The idea of being the most powerful healer in the game is more important than being an effective killer or dueler.   If you want to be the traditional "healing" and "group-oriented" priest, then put your points in Holy and max it out. 




Attributes:  The priest's primary attributes are Spirit and Int.  Spirit being the most important, IMHO.  Agility is ok, Stamina is good, strength is needless.  


I recommend you choose mace or daggers for your weapon- one handed over two handed.  There are some great items you can carry in your off hand that add to your spirit, which is the most useful attribute for the priest.  Not to mention you can take advantage of the one-handed weapon + wand bug.   While in combat, if you have a wand equipped in your off-hand and are engaged in mele combat, you can double your damage by hitting with your wand and your mace simultanously.  Normally, when you "use" a wand, it resets the timer on  your one-handed swing.  But not if you time it right.  Wait until your character is just about to swing with his melee weapon (you see his arm fly back).  At this very moment, use your wand, and you will get a double punch!  A great trick!

The Priest Tank:

TO tank with the priest, make sure you have 3/3 in Power Word Shield talents.  The 15 second cooldown is essential over the 30 second.  This will allow you to do much more tanking than you could otherwise. 

Power Word Fortitude should be up every minute you play!   Inner Fire should always be on prior to combat, and other buffs as appropriate (like Fear Ward of Shadow Resistance)


  • Bring up your shield (ensure inner fire is on)
  • Target Enemy
  • Smite (or Mind Blast)
  • As he runs to you, hit him with Shadow Word Pain
  • Engage in melee.  Use your wand + 1H weapon simultaneously (as described ealier) The moment your shield goes down, fire it up again.  At this time, his pain will run out, so re-cast Pain on him.  When his health is down to 15%, hit him with Mind Blast to insta-kill and ensure he doesn't run away.

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