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20XP Every 5 Seconds



Blizzard has made WoW so that a low level guy will be severely penalized in XP when teaming with a high level character.  If you are a level 10 warrior and you team with a level 40 warrior, the level 40 may steamroll through that trogg cave, but instead of getting 60-100 xp per kill, you are looking at 8-10 xp per kill.  The cave is cleaned out by the high level warrior in 2 minutes, you get a nice 150 xp, and then the spawn is all gone.  Not good. 

Yet if you play your cards right, there is a way to 'work' this system into an XP grinding machine that will see you quickly amass XP like no tomorrow.

Before I tell you how to do this, first let me just briefly explain the theory-  small XP gains add up quickly over time.  Imagine getting 20XP every 5 seconds.  In 1 minute you will have 240XP.  In 5 minutes, 1200XP.  In one hour 14,400XP.  That is some darn good grinding XP.  You can gain this amount without doing a single quest!

I did this myself so I know it works.  Here is what I did.  I took a level 15 mage and grouped with a 42 hunter.   The 42 hunter had a 41 pet.  We went to the island in Loch Modan where Bingles Tools are.  There's a place on that island at location 49,28 where 3 StoneSplinters (lvl 13-15) infinitely spawn instantaneously.  This means the instant you kill one, another will appear.  Hunter sets pet on aggressive and away we go. 

Here is the group info:  With one 42 hunter, one 41 pet, and one 15 mage, each kill was 13-15XP for the mage.  About 1 kill every 8 seconds. 

Now here is where it got really interesting.  I invited 2 other level 15's into my group.  And to my shock, the aggregate XP went UP!

Group info on second test:  With one 42 hunter, one 41 pet, and three other level 15's , each kill was 20-21XP for all of us (except the hunter of course).  About 1 kill every FIVE seconds!

We were all quite amazed.  This was a very fast grind!

The key to this kind of powerlevelling is finding instant spawn areas.  Here are the ones I know of at the moment:

  • Loch Modan:  49, 28.  Lvl 13-15 Stonesplinters
  • Westfall:  Moonbrook Graveyard.  Lvl 13 Vultures
  • Wetlands:  Ironbeard's Tomb:  Lvl 23-25 Oozes
  • Redridge Mountains 49,69 Lvl 16-19 Murlocs.  Just under the water.  Near Infinite spawn..sometimes small delays in spawn, but very good loc

I'll be searching for more, and will update this page as I find them.  If you know of an instant spawn area, please let me know on the forums (PM me). 

Using a high level character to 'assist' grind actually RAISES your XP when you ADD MORE low level characters to your group.  By having more low level characters, this increases the offset of the single high level character, thereby granting more XP overall. 

And if you know where I am going here, this is also a great way to use a bot.  The highlevel character in an instant spawn area wont even get scratched.  The low level guy can stay off in the distance and just make gain after gain.  It DOES work, as I have personally leveled one of my characters doing this.

Using High/Low power leveling:  The greater the level difference, the LESS XP you will get.  Assume you have a lvl 15 priest.   A level 60 will not even take a scratch from lvl 18 mobs.

A level 40 will ALSO hardly take a scratch from an 18 mob.  So in this case its BETTER to team with the 40 rather than the 60.  Using the 60 will make ZERO difference in effectiveness than the 40...neither one will take damage from lvl 18's.  Yet you will GAIN MORE by teaming with the 40 than with the 60.  And you will gain YET EVEN MORE if you have 2-3 other low level 15's join your group.

This form of power leveling is pristine for those with multiple accounts & characters or those in a guild who can use an assist boost.  Good guilds will often help their recruits and should be ready to offer you some assist grinding.

And one more tip:  because you will be dropping literally hundreds, even thousands of corpses at truly amazing speeds, the odds for getting blue items goes way up!