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  • Mage 1on1 PvP as it stands right now, is not good for the mage.  At least compared to traditional power mages had in past MMORPG's.  The mage community is currently asking for improvements.
  • Mage in group PvP is essential.  The mage deals out powerful nukes.  If you are going to group PvP w/o a mage, you will probably die.  Mages can deal out massive damage in Group PvP - the most of any class, raking in honor kill after honor kill.
  • PvE:  Do not take on monsters more than 2 levels above you, as they will resist your spells.  This is the worst possible thing for a mage.
  • Be prepared for these two words:  down time.  You will burn manna faster than gasoline in a fire.  The water you make, at higher levels, will not be enough and you will have to sit down frequently to wait for manna recharges.


The Mage is the stock and barrel of PvP.  This is a very popular class, as always in any MMORPG.  In WoW, the mage is weak like a pudgy marshmallow, but extremely powerful.  In tight areas, like Dungeons and caves, it is tough to solo a mage, but in the open fields, a mage can easily solo critters 3 levels higher or more.  In a group, the mage can unleash amazing power, steamrolling through the baddies with ease.  In PvP, the mage can decimate his long as he doesn't get into mele.  The good mage knows how to frost his enemies, slowing them down, and preventing them from ever getting into melee range. 





 Attributes:  The mage's primary attributes are intellect and spirit.  Both of these are key in getting critical hits with spells and total Mana (INT), and speed of Manna regeneration (SP). Agility and strength are useless for the mage.  Stamina is definately useful, as the weak mage needs all the extra HP he can get.    .

Race:    I like the Gnome mage as the clear choice for the eastern kingdoms due to the bonus in INT and SP.  A Night Elf mage doesn't make sense to me.   Your #1 gripe in this game will be manna-regen down times.  So for this reason, it is a no-brainer.  Take a gome.   For the Hoarde, the best choice is undead.  A huge boost in Spirit, which is very useful for mages


Mages are tougher in tight spaces.  You will find most of your troubles levelling in this game from the cave-related quests.  For this reason, it is a good idea to group up for cave missions and quickly plow through them (you will be extremely useful in a group for this).   In the open, however, you are at your best.  Easily you can kill anything 2 levels above you.  A word of caution however:  don't try higher than 2 levels, as generally these monsters will resist your spells.  Having spells resisted is the worst thing for a mage, as it renders you as helpless as a furry bunny.

Your key tactic:  Get as much distance between yourself and your enemy as your spells will allow.  Then FROST to hold them or slow them down.  Use FIRE, then FROST again.  With this, by the time they even get to you, they will be almost dead.  Blink works wonders when you get it.  It allows you to remove yourself from a melee situation. Definitely worth having on a hot key.  A great tactic in PvP- if your victim is on the run, Polymorph him.  Then calmly unleash your fireball and fireblast, while your friends finish the job.

In Group in...AOE nuke...then blink out.  As people die, you will get honor kills.

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