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  • Agility is your primary attribute.  Stamina is second.
  • Your main philosophy in combat should be:   STUN and CRIT.  Wherever you can maximize these %chances, the better you will fare overall.
  • Maximizing your CRIT chance means faster weapons.  Dont just go with the highest DPS, but look at the actual speed of the weapon.  The more times you hit, the more frequent your chance to crit (and with maces stun).
  • In PVP, always open up with cheap shot, to stun your opponent.
  • Poisons are essential to the Rogue.  crippling poison and mind-numbing poison for PVP especially.
  • Choose 'Engineering' (to make explosives), Herbalism/Cooking (to make Thistle tea, the wonder drink for the Rogue), or First Aid as your secondary skill.  Leatherworking/Skinning is garbage.  You will regret it if you do.
  • Combat is your best talent distribution, as it maximizes your chances to Crit and Stun, which in turn maximize your ability to finish off an opponent and complement your variety of deadly moves.

Basics:  The Rogue in WoW is the most robust Rogue class I have ever seen in a MMORPG.  Usually Rogues in most games are kind of weak and are basically 'petty thieves.'  Not here.  Rogues are a force to be reckoned with.  Do you like the idea of sneaking around invisible through a large hoarde of powerful monsters?  Did you enjoy all the moves in 'Mortal Kombat?'  If so, the Rogue may be for you.  There are so many ways to play him.  I will give you my insights into what makes a powerful PvP-ready Rogue.

Attributes:  The Rogue's primary attribute is Agility, as this is integral in stealth, the rogue's primary ability.   Spirit, Stamina, and Strength are also useful.  Intellect is garbage.

Rogue Philosophy:  STUN and CRITICAL HITS.  This is what a rogue is all about for PvP.  Maximizing these two chances above all others is my recommendation for having the most powerful Rogue.  Do you want a rogue that can whack mages?  I guess I've always gained more pleasure from killing a mage in PvP than any other class.  First of all, the bread and butter for a Rogue is to maximize critical chance strkes.  A Rogue will not be lugging around huge, slow weapons.  Your primary philosophy:

A 5% chance of a critical strike on a weapon that hits once per second has DOUBLE the chance of making a crit hit versus a weapon that hits once every two seconds.  attack fast, use quick weapons. 


Think about this!  Imagine a Rogue dual-wielding two fast weapon daggers.  He swings and hits constantly, and the criticals just start flying off his hands!  A spellcaster will have a difficult time casting a spell while being rapidly pummeled. A warrior cannot retaliate when stunned. So with this, my goal for the rogue is the Combat Tree, specifically blade flurry, dual wield, precision. 

To maximize your chance for critical hits and stuns, get QUICK weapons (not simply the highest DPS, but highest speed)

Talent Distribution:   Max out:  Blade Flurry, Daggers, precision, backstab, deflection, and improved sinister strike.   This build below is custom tailored to give the Rogue maximum Crit hits and maximum damage on those.  Note:  I put 5/5 into daggers, but you could also choose to do Fist Weapons in lieu of.  Both are excellent, the choice is yours (I wouldn't bother with maces or swords.  Go for daggers or fist)

The important ones here-

  • 2/2 Improved Kick (stopping spellcasters from casting spells)
  • 5/5 Dual Wield (makes you a human meat grinder)
  • 5/5 Daggers or Fist (more crits)
  • 1/1 Blade Furry (more crits)
  • Improved Backstab (more crits)

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