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  • Druids are not built for 1 vs 1 PvP.   Highly versatile in PvE, but a support class for PvP.  Druids get an awesome buff called mark of the wild, which is highly desired by players. 
  • The druid is a combo class, being able to tank, heal, and stealth.  It is also, I believe, the least played class.  A druid's strength is in his versatility.  He gets part of every world:  nukes, heals, melee damage, stealth.  None of them is on par at a pure level to other character classes, but this versatility gives the druid more of something than other classes have:  options.  Because of this, playing a druid just might be the most fun of all the classes.
  • The Druid suffers from pure damage output, especially in PvP, so to counter this, I recommend the druid train in 2-H maces as a primary weapon of choice.
  • The feral talent line at this point in the game just doesn't cut it for PvP, since forms cannot heal/nuke/or use weapons.  The best talent build is a restoration/balance build, as both of these are very complimentary.


The best races for Druid's are the Tauren (my favorite), and Elves.  The Tauren get a warstomp ability in addition to +10 nature resistance and an extra 5% health, something that the night elf doesn't get.  The night elf has more agility than the Tauren increasing the critical hit chance and utilizing cat form better.  But so many players choose Night Elves, the Tauren Druid would be my personal preference :)






Druid Weapon Choice
The Druids greatest strength is also their greatest weakness:  versatility.  In PvE this translates to a great solo ability.  In PvP this translates to difficult times, since versatility on the PvP battlefield takes too much time, and by the time a druid attempts to shapeshift a couple times, he's already dead.  (In PvP, 2 seconds of battle time can be cruicial.)   

The druid is an excellent healer, but not so good at dealing damage, so for this reason, I recommend 2 handed maces as the weapon of choice.  2H weaps deal more damage, and high damage dealing should be a goal for the druid.  At the moment, druids cannot use Axe weapons, and staves just dont cut it in the damage department as 2H maces.  It's hammer time!

PVP and Talent Builds:
A druid who intends on doing a lot of PvP should be wary of dumping heavy talents into Feral.   The problem is that utility is given up when a Druid enters his differing forms as opposed to staying in caster and using the forms as a fail safe.  When a druid goes into a bear or cat form, he can't heal, can't cast moonfire other big damage spells or emergency spells, unless he reverts back into caster form, and then back in order to utilize his Feral talents.  While this may work in PvE, it is another story in PvP.  Druids have some good PvP abilities, and need to be able to use their utility spells such as root, hibernate, heal with regrowth, moonfire or starfire.  Staying in animal form restricts the druid's ability to utility.  While animal form is a fabulous druidic ability, dumping talent points into Feral may not be the best PvP course to take.  
It is my opinion that the Druid should focus on restoration and balance for talent, and utilize animal forms in emergencies, rather than a default primary.   Now, some druids may debate me here since the animal form is what makes a druid unique.  Keep in mind that I am not claiming animal form as worthless, it is not that at all!  The druid who spec's a talent build in restoration and balance will still have his animal form abilities, he just wont have all his talents dumped in them.  THe PvP druid, I believe, is better spent on balance/restore than ferral.  Additionally, the balance and restore talent lines are very complementary and work extremely well together.

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