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  • Install Cosmos, a free and legal interface found here:
  • Choose a server, the closer to you, the faster.  Test the server a bit before you comit
  • Create a character, and be wary of your character name, making sure it adheres to the naming policy .  If a GM changes a name, it goes as a mark on your permanent record.
  • Consider your RACE and the Attribute Mods it brings to your desired class.
  • When you enter the game, take some time to learn the interface and the controls. 

Install Cosmos

Cosmos is a superior interface to the built-in game interface.  I very highly recommend you install this right from the start. is a free and fully legal interface that gives you many more options than the regular game.  You dont have to install it, of course, but it greatly enhances the interface, and makes power-gaming so much easier.

Server Selection:

The first thing you will have to do is decide which server you will play on.  This is an important decision, as there is no way to move your character once you comit to it.  Of course, you can always create a new character on another server.  Choose a server that is close to you (minimizes lag) and one whom you have friends on.  You may want to run around a bit in the game to "test" the connection before you comit.

Creating Your Character
The fun part!  Here you must decide your race, sex, and allegiance.  Who do you want to play?   Hoarde and Alliance players will always be in opposittion, so keep this in mind!  Hoarde = "bad guys", Alliance = "good guys".  Hoarde and Alliance cannot group with or trade with each other.  Customize your character to whatever you so desire. 


   Then decide on a name, but be warned!  Game masters were actively changing player names during the Beta that did not abide by the naming policy (they changed one of my names simply because it was not relevant and that wasn't even a bad word!).  If you have your named changed, it goes on your permanent record as an offense!  And you do not want this.  So please, read that link above, and use an acceptable name.

Choose a Race!  See the matrix below.

Base Stats
  Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Total
Dwarf 22 16 23 19 19 99
Gnome 15 23 19 23 20 100
Human 20 20 20 20 20 100
Night Elf 17 25 19 20 20 101
Orc 23 17 22 17 23 102
Tauren 25 15 22 15 22 99
Troll 21 22 21 16 21 101
Undead 19 18 21 18 25 101

TIP!  Don't simply choose a race that gives you a boost in your primary stat.  You may want to choose the race that gives you a secondary stat boost.  This could be good since you will have numerous amounts of equpiment to boost your main stat.  Here is a chance to give yourself a secondary stat boost.  Example:  I prefer the dwarf priest.   He gets a great Stamina boost for more HP.  Over time, the dwarf priest will aquire spirit and INT items to boost his primary stats, but wont be wearing much secondary stat gear.  So that initial stamina boost will always be there, and is always useful since it complements him where he is weak (extra HP).

Entering the Game

The first thing you must do when starting for the first time is to simply learn the interface and the controls!  Hopefully, you've installed Cosmos and its up and working.  From here, spend some time (but not too long, ha!) learning the controls and getting acquainted with things.  Make sure you understand things like

Resting, Death, Combat

if you do not, go over the basics on the WOW website: