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20XP Every 5 Seconds


  • Shamans are one of the better 'dueler' and 1 vs 1 PvP classes.  They are extremely versatile.
  • Even though the enhancement talent line is crap in PvP, it is extremely useful for levelling.  Therefore, it is good to start out by putting your talents into Enhancement and once you reach higher levels, re-spec them into the Elemental and Restoration.
  • Unless WoW changes things, Lighting Mastery and Chain lightning are not worth the cost of talent points.
  • Shock and Awe!  The bread and butter for the Shaman in PvP is Purge and Earth Shock.  Purge will remove a buff from an opponent, and shock will disrupt a spell, and prevent any spell from that same circle to be cast for two seconds.  A long time in PvP.
  • Ghost Wolf is your get out of jail card.  It will increase your speed by 40% allowing you to flee most situations that are when your outnumbered in PvP!
  • a shaman is excellent in large scale PvP, with earthbinds and heal totems.  The Shaman makes a great healer when a priest is not available.

 Shamans are for the Hoarde only and are available only to Orcs, Trolls, or Taruen.  Shaman's are more of a 'jack of all trades' class.  They are not like mages nor are they like a warrior, but a combination of both.  Shamans can shapeshift like Druids, they can heal like a priest, and can fight like warriors, but all three of these abilities are a bit  weaker than that of the Druids, priests, and warriors.  When choosing the race to play, the differences are minor, so just pick the one you like the best.  Shamans begin with the ability to wear leather and cloth armor.  Only at level 40, they can wear mail.


PVP NOTE Because a Shaman is so versatile, I believe they are one of the better 1 vs 1 PvP classes.  A great Dueler! A good shaman is capable of taking down any other class in 1 on 1 combat. 

Whereas a Rogue is great vs. a mage, but weaker vs. a warrior, a Shaman is good vs. all.  That doesn't mean that you will be owning anyone, it means that you will be able to put up a good fight no matter who you face (assuming you play your Shaman well and are of similar levels).  In my experience, using a 2-H weapon is better in PvP and PvE overall.

The Totem
This is the unique identifier of the Shaman.  Totems  represent "spells" and appear as objects that are 'dropped' on the ground.  There are 4 kinds of totems:  Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.  To obtain a totem, you have to complete a quest.  Once you obtain it, you will never need to recharge it or get another one.  Having one "unlocks" the totem spells for that particular totem.  

  • FIRE:  damage spells.  primarily offense.
  • WATER: healing and regeneration spells
  • EARTH: combat buffs and resistances
  • AIR: magic absorption, agility enhancements

The most powerful strength of the Shaman's spells is Elemental Combat.  The Instant-cast shock spells are the most useful in PvP, and quite useful in any group PvE setting, btw. 


Earth shock has the wonderful effect of disrupting your opponents spell (if he is casting one) and preventing him from casting any spell in that same line for another two seconds.  This is a long time in PvP!  This is just low down nasty against any spellcaster.


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