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  • Take as many quests as possible and at the same time, try not to do quests one at a time.  When entering a new area, find all the quests from NPC's first, before you start killing things.
  • A complementary group of 2 or 3 (such as tank + healer) is sometimes far better than solo'ing.  Especially when a quest calls for "kill X amount of something".  Use groups when they suit you.  Leave a group when it bogs you down.
  • Play a Multi-Zone game.  When you hit level 10 or so, its time to run to the nearest "other" starting area and do the quests there.  You will do them fast, and get exp for all the kills (as long as they are colored green to you) Doing a load of quests 3-5 levels beneath you really racks up EXP fast. 
  • Green quests are your friends!  These are quests that are 2-3 levels beneath you.  When I get a bunch of yellow colored quests, sometimes I'll just 'level grind' 2-3 levels, then power through the quests solo.  It basically comes to this:  If you are getting killed more than once doing a single quest, you are wasting time- its better to grind a level and do it later.
  • Dont be afraid to dump quests It's so just don't want to let go of that quest that's been in your books for several days.  It requires you to run around the world - see this person, see that person...will take you 3 hours.  Or that quest you forgot to do way back in Elwynn Forest, and now you're all the way in the Wetlands.  DUMP IT.  There are thousands of quests in this game.  Wasting 4 hours just to 'finish' that green or gray quest is not worth it.  Abandon that quest, and replace it with others.
  • Level Grinding still works!  This is killing monsters that are GREEN to you.  Why Green?  Because you kill them fast and with very little down time.  You can basically steamroll through dozens of con-green enemies in minutes! Spend an hour or two doing this (boring ya) and you'll see what a difference in EXP it makes!  Small EXP gains over a long period time really add up.
  • Decide if you are going for power or wealth (or both) before you decide on your profession.  Ask yourself, "will mastering this profession take too much extra time and hinder my primary goal?".  Take professions that do not hinder you.

After playing Warcraft since beta, and logging in hundreds of hours over numerous characters ever since,  I can tell you from my experience that the fastest way to level up and make cash is to take as many quests as possible, and follow some basic principles.    If you are a newbie and haven't even started the game yet, take a look at these tips, and then read the starter strategy page.

NUMBER ONE PRINCIPLE IN POWER LEVELLING:  DOWN-TIME is your enemy!  Down time is defined as either sitting around waiting for manna, waiting for health, or running to and from the graves.  How do you minimize down time?  By killing that which is WEAKER than you and thus the numerous smaller XP gains will rack up faster than the slower, bulky XP gains.  Read on for more.

This has been a big debate in this game.   Some people just want to kill and grind without bothering to do quests.  But I disagree.   I believe that quests are an important component of powerlevelling as they give additional EXP, money, and items.  BigDwarf starts the game in Dun Morogh, near an icy field full of lvl 1-3 wolves and such.  He immediately runs to the field and starts hammering wolves.  He gets to level 3 fast enough, in about 40 minutes, after killing dozens of wolves.  He then starts talking to the NPC's nearby that have Yellow "!" (exclamation marks) on top of their heads (a yellow ! means the NPC has a quest for you)

So BigDwarf talks to an NPC who gives him a quest to kill 15 wolves, and when he does he gets extra exp and extra copper.  The problem is, of course, that now BigDwarf has to go back to the fields and kill wolves again.  Had BigDwarf taken the quest at the start, he would have greatly increased the efficiency of his character gains and would have the quest completed!  Grinding is always good, but the benefits of questing is that you get additional exp for finishing a quest, and cash or valued items.   





Learn this lesson now, or waste numerous hours to learn it the hard way.  In fact, this is certainly what I would call a key to the game.  This principle becomes more profound the more you advance in levels.  Numerous times I found myself accepting a quest to kill "10 of X monster" that I had already killed 20 of!  Its so tempting to do this:

talk to NPC --> Get Quest --> Do Quest --> Return

Trust me!  Once you get out of the first newbie stage and are past level 5, this approach will slow you down.  You want to gain maximum levels, at maximum speed!   The right approach, therefore looks like this:

Talk to all NPC's in the greater vacinity --> Get All The Quests you can muster.  Collect quests like candy.  Accept them from NPC's, accept them from other players (when you are in a group, players can 'share' quests).   Quest A may say "Kill 10 of monster X", and Quest B may say "Kill 10 of monster Y".  You will find that as you kill monster X, you have to plow your way through several monster Y's.  In essence, you are completing two quests simultaneously.  Doing multiple quests at once is the only way to fly.


 I play maybe 2 hours at most on any given night.  Given the small amount of time I have been able to play my main WoW char, I am doing extremely well, far better and way more efficient than most others for the amount of time I have played. A few days ago, I was in Elwynn Forest with a newbie char doing the missions there.  Nearly everyone was human.  I was the only dwarf I saw all night.  Why?  Because all the dwarves were up in Dun Morogh, their own starting region.  Because I was already level 9 when I hit Elwynn Forest, I breezed through all the missions there, rapidly gaining EXP.   At level 9 in Dun Morogh, I left the region because the remaining quests there were either at my level (9), or were a few levels above me.  Trying to do quests that are higher levels than you can take many trips to the graveyard, and is not very efficient.  I didn't feel like running around trying to find a team, so I left the region and headed for Elwynn Forest.   I quickly did the primary missions in Elwynn Forest, jumped to Westfall and did several quests there, until the only quests left were orange and red ones.   Rather than wasting time doing an orange quest (a quest 2-3 levels higher than me), I simply returned to Dun Morogh at level 14, and finished up all those level 9-12 quests.  I cant tell you how fast you can level by doing quests 2-3 levels beneath you (green ones), rather than 2-3 levels above you!   Every 6 levels or so, you should be leaving your current zone, and taking the quests in the neighboring zone.  But make sure you dont wait too long!   If you wait until level 20 as a human to go do the Dwarf Quests in Dun Morogh, you wont get hardly any exp for them because everything you kill will be a gray.  A powerleveller is someone who maximizes quest EXP.  Killing things 2-3 levels beneath you gives smaller amounts of EXP per kill, BUT you can rack it up so much faster.  It was awesome last night as a level 17 priest   being able to tank my way through a level 13 cave solo while everyone else was grouping up.  They may have wondered, "what is this guy doing here?  He isn't getting any exp for this."  Wrong!  A level 17 gets about 40 EXP per kill on level 13 critters.  And I was killing them en-masse, plowing through my quests, and then getting 900-1000 EXP per quest.  It really adds up!  So....dont just sit around in your racial zones, but make sure you hop to the nearest "other" zone and take those quests too.  You will fly through the levels.   If all the quests in your quest log are yellow or orange, consider 'grinding' up 1-2 levels until they become green.  Then, not only will you breeze through the quests, but you will have higher levels.  And the goal is level 60....right? 


 This is where it can get hairy.  I love botting.  I believe in it.  You see, I dont have time to play all that much.  Some people spend 24/7 on this game and get to level 60.  I pay as much as they do, yet because I have so much else going on in life, I don't get the chance to sit and play all the time.  So I bot.  I wrote the Realm Bot just for this purpose.  Also, the WoW helper is a great utility that speeds up repetitive combat actions.  The Bot is for when you are AFK, and the helper is for while you are actually playing.  You don't have to use them, of course, because you run the risk of being banned, but I do it anyway.  What you do is up to you :)

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