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  • Battle Stance, Arms Talent tree is your line!
  • Go for 2-H weapon specialization.  You want highest damage, not necessarily the fastest DPS.  High damage 2-H makes best use of your abilities!
  • A super fast light weapon (SPEED, not DPS) as a secondary is great against spell casters in PvP to prevent spell casting.
  • Mortal Strike ability is your goal.
  • Unless you care about money, dont bother with smithing or mining.  Long term, they don't mean a whole lot.  Alchemy or especially first aid is much more useful.  A warrior has no fast way to heal, so taking up a healing skill is a great way to save precious time after combat.  You heal quick, rather than waiting around for HP to go back up before the next fight.  Over time, this makes a HUGE difference in the amount of time you save.
  • If you are a warrior who likes being in a party and not fond of PvP, go for Defensive line.  Otherwise, its Arms all the way.
  • The key to a warrior is his equipment.  Try and acquire items that have level requirements 2-3 levels above you when you come accross them and purchase them so you'll be ready to use them rather than wasting time looking for them.



Warriors are grunts of World of Warcraft, they are the "horsepower", the engine that drives the whole system.   Warriors are master mele attackers and the tanks of a group, dealing the most damage of any class.  A warrior can take on an enemy 3 levels higher than himself. 

Not only are they great tanks for a party, but fully capable of soloing.  Warriors have a great aggro ability that draws enemies to themselves in order to protect weaker members of the group.  For example, if a monster is attacking a priest, and the priest is in a critical state, the warrior can "draw" the monster to himself.   In PvP, however, this ability becomes far less meaningful, obviously, since another player can decide who to attack.   Yet this does not negate the power of the warrior.    You just cant go wrong with the warrior class. 

KEY FOR THE WARRIOR:  Use the most powerful 2-H weapon in most cases.   Go for higher damage, rather than speed.  Do not look at DPS as much as DAMAGE, as many warrior abilities compute the percent of damage a weapon does.  When up against a spellcaster in PvP, go for a super-fast weapon to disrupt spell casting.  Again, DPS is irrelevant, what you care about is simply speed to disrupt spells.

Attributes:  The warrior's primary attribute is strength.  Spirit, Int = garbage.  Rage is basically the warrior's "manna".  The maximum rage a warrior may have is 100, regardless of his level, attributs, or items.

Talent Distribution:  If you have any desire to PvP, I recommend the Arms Tree.  Don't even bother with the defense tree unless you simply want to be the best group PvE tank around.   Here is what you want:

You WANT Mortal Strike for sure!

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