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  • Paladin's are excellent PvP'ers in close quarters, however, your biggest problem:  you are easy to run from.  You have no range.  This makes it difficult for a Paladin to be effective in solo PvP unless his opponent is pretty much standing there (in which case you will own).  In Group PvP, however, he is better.
  • Due to this, you must choose a talent build:  maximum DPS, or Holy Shock to overcome your main PvP weakness.
  • I believe that getting Holy Shock is the best build for a Paladin, even though this goes against most of the Paladin community right now.  I'm a PvP'er, and this is the best way to go, IMHO.
  • You are an excellent PvE solo'er.  Solo when you can.   Since you both tank and heal, groups may sometimes expect you to do it all, and this only wastes your time, and gets you killed more. 

Paladins are tanker-healers.  They can only be alliance.  You cannot be a Paladin and play for the Hoarde.  A paladin is a master at hand to hand combat, and a wielder of light. He can buff and heal, as well as fight. 




Also, a Paladin is the only class that gets a special mount (war horse).  Mounts cost 100 gold, so this is a lot of money the Paladin saves!However, his main weakness is that he has no range.  This means that if an opponent (most specifically in PvP) decides to run, the Paladin can do little to stop him.  This can get frustrating if the Paladin is winning the fight, only to lose his 'human' prey because he bolted.   The effective PvP Paladin needs a way to pound a guy who decides to flee the fight.  And he has one way to do so:  its called Holy Shock.  But to get Holy Shock, requires that the Paladin dump most of his Talent points into the "Holy" line.  Many Paladins think this is a bad thing, as they go for the Retribution line.  I think that the Holy line isn't bad at all, as a matter of fact, if you are going to play a Paladin, it is my recommendation!  Having said that, I will give you both my recommendation, and the 'popular' recommendation.

Talent Distribution:  

Here is the currently 'popular' paladin build (but not the one I'd recommend for PvP). 

Holy Talents (11 points)

Spiritual Focus - 5/5 points
Illumination - 2/5 points
Divine Favor - 1/1 points
Improved Holy Light - 3/3 points

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