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Some of ways to get gold are legitimate, others are under-the-table crooked.  Personally, I like to make an honest gold coin.  Ripping off other players is not my game, BUT, I'm here to deliver you the information.  Even if you are an honest player, knowing this info is good because it will keep you on guard against the shadow players that like to scam you for a quick gold.

Here are 4 methods for gaining gold in WoW without needing to do any killing.  ALL of these work at this time (15 Mar 05).

Two methods are on this page, and the other two are in the forums. (you must be logged into the forums for the links to work properly).


METHOD TWO:  AH Monopoly

METHOD THREE:  The C.O.D Scam  - HOT!  Get in on this ASAP!

METHOD FOUR: Master Merchant

The AH Dupe:  A Crooked way to Gain Gold

"A fool and his money are soon parted."

With so many pockets running around the game, it is very possible to scam others out of their money.   Not everyone is financially bright, and these methods take advantage of that.  First of all, don't be stupid and use your main to do these.  Get a mule (a different character), or even better yet, a mule on a completely separate account, to mask your actions. 

This works.  Plain and simple.  It takes advantage of human psychology of repetition.  And it can get you a very rapid 100 gold.

What it is: 

The AH Dupe tries to 'trick' an auction buyer who is making a BUY-OUT purchase of a routine item that normally sells for X amount of silver, into purchasing it for X amount of gold.  the AH dupe uses monotony to lull the purchaser into repetitious clicking, causing them to pay less attention to what they are buying, and inadvertently purchasing the item for gold instead of silver.

How it works:

Have you ever driven a car at night, staring at the white lines zooming by on the road, and suddenly realize that 5 minutes have gone by (or longer) and you have no idea how you were able drive?  You dont have a clue what cars have or have not been around you, because you totally spaced out.  Your subconscious mind went into 'auto-pilot' and you safely drove your car.  This is called 'being human'.  Anyone exposed to repeated, repetitious stimuli is subject to losing their ability to distinguish one from another.  Can happen to anyone...including a WoW auction buyer. 

Look at this list:

  • Do you want to purchase this item for 88 silver?  Yes/No
  • Do you want to purchase this item for 88 silver?  Yes/No
  • Do you want to purchase this item for 88 silver?  Yes/No
  • Do you want to purchase this item for 88 silver?  Yes/No
  • Do you want to purchase this item for 88 silver?  Yes/No
  • Do you want to purchase this item for 88 gold?   Yes/No
  • Do you want to purchase this item for 88 silver?  Yes/No
  • Do you want to purchase this item for 88 silver?  Yes/No

The auction buyer sees a bunch of useful consumables (such as stacks of 20 light feathers, or stacks of silk cloths, or free action potions, etc.  Anything that is popular with players).  he sees a big list in the AH of these stacks, and they are going for the normal buy-out rate.  He starts purchasing them like he always does.  One after another, clicking through each screen.  He doesn't really notice that one says '88 gold' instead of '88 silver' so he clicks it anyway. 

What you need to do:

Sell at least 6 or more IDENTICAL items on the AH.  Make them for the normal going rate (not cheaper or you could stand to lose money).   Put them up back to back in one long list.  The buyout on the fifth item is gold instead of silver.  Everything else must be identical.  There is a chance that the buyer will get 'caught' in your scam.  Its not guaranteed, but there are always dummies around that will be duped.  This is a scam, and everyone who buys frequently from the AH is susceptible to it.

Yes it does work.  Numerous people have posted long rants on the official boards being scammed like this.  

METHOD TWO:  Monopolize the AH

I'm just going to quote a post from the official boards that explains this rather nicely.  This post is no longer on the forums (they remove posts after a certain amount of days), so I cannot link it, and didn't get the name of the person that wrote it.  Fortunately, I did copy it the day I read it, so its not mine, but here it is-  it outlines perfectly how to make a fortune by monopolizing the Auction House.  Its classic economics 101:  BUY LOW, SELL HIGH.  Read on:

I cancelled my account a while back for reasons there's no point in disclosing, so I figured I'd tell everyone how they can be financially secure forever like I was.

I had about five active alts and a main which I kept equipment and skills up to date by the level and had enough cash on me to afford my mount by level 25 with all my alts having about 15 gold on them at any point in time.

I see so many people talking about how they're level 40-45 and still can't afford their mount and blah blah blah, it's funny. These are the same people who ironically state, "Stay away from the auction house!" or you won't make any money.

Go ahead and go to the AH. It's as simple as buy low, sell high. Just like in the real world! Yet it feels almost as if it's this big secret.

All I did was make level five newbie, sit him at the auction house and log on maybe once or twice a day to bid on stuff and check mail. Took probably five minutes to do each session.

Find a product you want to do and see what the average buyout price is. Then bid on auctions ending in Short and Medium (as there's usually little point in bidding on Long unless you wanna collect all your outbids later), for as little as you can. Buyout other auctions for significantly less than your Buyout. Bid on any good that's normally sold by itself that is stacked for a super discount. A good example is Black Pearls. Normally people buy one. Every once in a while some guy sells a stack of 16 for only like 10 gold. Usually only takes 1 bid to win it!

The only "hard" part is keeping up with market price trends, but after a while, you won't even have to write them down anymore as you'll be able to memorize them effortlessly with practice and the prices don't fluctuate too drastically.

For the super lazy, here was my excel sheet of the market demand of Silver Hand a few weeks ago. Prices will vary on your server.

Light Leather 9s 99c
Medium Leather 19s 99c
Heavy Leather 29s 99c
Thick Leather 74s 99c

Copper Bar 39s 99c
Tin Bar 34s 99c
Bronze Bar 34s 99c
Truesilver Bar 79s 99c

Moss Agate 99s 99c
Iridescent Pearl 84s 99c
Black Pearl 1g 29s 99c
Runecloth 2g 99s 99c
Turtle Scale (10)* 1g 59s 99c

Mageweave Cloth 1g 19s 99c
Wool Cloth 39s 99s
Linen Cloth 24s 99c
Vision Dust 1g 39s 99c

New Stuff
Star Ruby 69s 99c

Greater magic ess. 1g 49s 99c
Small glimmering shrd 49s 99c
Large glimmering shrd 3g 49s 99c
Large glowing shard 3g 39s 99c
Soul dust 54s 99c
Strange dust 59s 99c

The bold goods are once that were in very healthy demand and supply. However, you don't even have to limit yourself to trade goods. If you even wanted to take a bit of a risk, bid on some blue or purple items or blacksmithing recipes. Big returns on those. Mainly, I just stuck with probably three or four items from that list and made a fortune. And it was fun doing it! My level five guy has demonslaying on his newb sword--it kicks ass. Here's a screenshot:

Good luck guys and see ya later!!