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Warlock Strategies Guide 2/3

Spirit Vs. Int

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Alliance 1-60 (Mythrid)

Destruction Talents (11 points)

Cataclysm - 5/5 points
Reduces the Mana cost of your Destruction spells by 5%.

Bane - 5/5 points
Reduces the casting time of your Shadow Bolt and Immolate spells by 0.5 seconds.

Shadowburn - 1/1 point
Instantly blasts the target with 87 to 99 Shadow damage. Requires 1 Soul Shard. If the target dies from Shadowburn, and yields experience, the caster gains a Soul Shard.

I really like Shadow Burn, it is instant direct damage.  This is the perfect spell to use as a 'finishing move'.  A spell that takes 2 seconds to cast followed by an immediate insta-cast shadowburn can make all the difference in wiping out that weakened target before it can raise a heal.



Voidwalker Quest:

Human:  Visit Remen Marcot in the Lions Pride Inn basement in Elwynn Forest.

Gnome:  Speak to Lago Blackwrench in Ironforge.  He's in the Forlorn Cavern area.

Undead:  Speak with Ageron Kargal in Brill at the Gallow's End Tavern

Orc Speak to Ophek in Razor Hill in Durotar (south of Orgrimmar).

Succubus Quest

Human & Gnome:  Obtained from Gakin the Darkbinder who's inside The Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind City.  Far west end of the Mage Quarter.  You will have to go to the Barrens to complete it.  Fastest way is through the Wetlands.  Take the boat to Aberdeen, then head south into Ashenvale.  Stick to the road when you can, and go through the southern path and into the barrens. 


Orc:  Obtained from Gakin the Darkbinder who's inside The Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind City.  Again, just like the human and gnome, you will be journeying to The Barrens, but this time stopping at the crossroads.  You can simply fly there, or if you haven't been there just take the west road out of Durotar.  Gazrog is standing in front of the inn in the middle of town.  From Gazrog, you will go to the Stonetalon mountains- head west from the crossroads and turn left when the path branches up into the mountains.  Speak to Ken'zigla.  Finally, go to Dogran  just north of Camp Taurajo

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