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Updated Version 1.4 Notes:

  • WoW Helper loops now can be set to either minutes or seconds

Version 1.3 Notes:

  •  name to make it less detectable.
  • Added the ability to specify wait times down to 1/1000th of a second
  • Now able to hide the console window
  • The Helper is bound to the NUMBER PAD keys:  *  -  +  (asterisk, minus, and plus)
  • WoW Helper now allows you to set timed buffs and/or sequences
  • The console window has been reduced in size.
  • Remember that you may need to UNBIND those numberpad keys if you use them in the game or strange things may happen :)
  • Fixed a problem in 1.2 where aborting the helper caused an error

Setup for World of Warcraft

Please follow these instructions on setting up Wow Helper to work with world of warcraft.  There are several steps you must perform, however once you complete them, things will run smoothly.

STEP ONE Download WoW Helper 1.4 (recompiled 13 OCT 05) WOWHELPER.ZIP Unzip the file

STEP TWO Ensure you have the .NET 1.1 SP 1 Framework installed on your computer.  This is easy to find out if you have it.  Simply try to run the program.  If it gives you an error about missing .DLL files, then you need to go to  and select custom, and under 'optional updates' you should see the .NET Framework.  Once you install the .NET framework, you will need to reboot your system, go back to microsoft updates, and install the service pack for .NET.

Q:  Why must I install the .NET framework?

A:  I was too busy to program an installer with the application.  Installers are nice little "wraps" that you use to 'install' a program.  This is just a stand-alone EXE.  I am so busy with other things, and since it works just fine with the .NET framework, I am releasing the program without an installer.   The .NET framework is a nice package anyway, and XP Pro machines usually have this pre-installed, so it is great to have it regardless.


Now that you have the .NET framework, and can run the program


Configure the Helper




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