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LAN Cable Identifier

LF Lookup Utility

ISA Auto SiteBlocker

DNS Validator



Adware/Spyware Only Blocklist for ISA (modify this list for adshield)


There's a software program I wrote for Theravive called "Is Counseling For Me?". You can download it here.

ISA Auto SiteBlocker 1.2 to rapidly upload a blocklist of websites into ISA without costly third party software.  (freeware)  MORE INFO-->

Download the master Blocklist.   Both ISA and ADSHIELD ready. To download the block list file, right click and choose "save as" 

11 July 2003:  All entries in the blocklist have been validated using the DNS Validator, with 6445 entries removed (did not respond to DNS queries).  

LAN Cable Identifier 1.3 (shareware):  Rapidly determine which cables in your switches belong to which computers.  Do you have a large switch or break out board in your server room with a mass of cables coming out everywhich way having no idea what cable goes to what computer?  This software will help you label each cable and identify what computer it belongs toMORE INFO-->
DNS Validator (freeware):  Parse through a text list of website domains and determine which ones have DNS records and which ones do not.   A great utility to check and clean huge lists of websites as to whether or not they are still valid.  I use this utility to verify and validate the blocklists on this site.   MORE INFO-->

LaserFiche Lookup Utility:  A quick and seamless way to lookup a record in LaserFiche without having to log on or do a manual search.  Works on client machines that normally access laserfiche on a server.  MORE INFO-->


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