LaserFiche Lookup Utility 

A handy freeware utility that will perform a name search on a laserfiche server.  The utility will open laserfiche, auto-log in (using encrypted credentials you supply), and search for your specified document.  This utility was written for and tested in Laserfiche 5.0.  I do not know if it works on any other version.  If you have tried it on other versions with success or failure, please let me know so I can update this page.  Thank you.


System Requirements:  This utility was programmed using the latest .NET technology and requires the Microsoft .NET framework installed on your computer in order to run.  To download and install the .NET framework, please go to

I am open to suggestions regarding the utility, and interested in hearing your feedback- good or bad.   Please let me know at

Misc Notes:  This program does not install.  It is a simple EXE program that runs stand alone. There are no .dll's and no registrations performed on your computer (see readme.txt for location and information of a single registry key this program uses)


Download the Laserfiche Lookup Utility (freeware)

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