DNS Validator

A utility that will validate and clean a text list of DNS entries- very useful for managing blocklists.  This program is freeware. You may use it and distribute it freely, but you are not permitted to sell it or use it comercially beyond its intended use. Please forward any comments/questions to software@songwave.com

This program will open a .txt file and parse through a list of DNS entries contained between --->START and --->END tags, validating them and then removing all entries that do not have a DNS record and saving them to the file c:\blocklist-purged.txt. 

Ensure that any list you validate is in the format:

all entries that begin with a wildcard *.mysite.com will be read and checked as www.mysite.com. 
All entries that end with a wildcard www.mysite.* or www.mysite* will be skipped and will not be checked.
Only entries between --->START and --->END tags are checked.


System Requirements:  This utility was programmed using .NET technology and requires the Microsoft .NET framework installed on your computer in order to run.  To download and install the .NET framework, please go to windowsupdate.microsoft.com

I am open to suggestions regarding the utility, and interested in hearing your feedback- good or bad.   Please let me know at software@songwave.com

Misc Notes:  This program does not install.  It is a simple EXE program that runs stand alone.  No registry entries are made in your system.

Download  DNS Validator (freeware)

Screenshot of the utility:

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