World of Warcraft Bots, Cheats and WoW Exploits.
Members of restricted realm have access to its exclusive bots.  You cannot find these anywhere else, because they are fully developed here!
Realm Bot
The original bot for WoW, still working like a charm and updated!  A Full AFK Bot   Realm Bot controls your character while you are AFK.  Realm Bot does not break when a new patch is released.  Nor is Realm Bot currently being detected by any built in game mechanism. 
Realm Defender
Have 2 computers and 2 WoW accounts?  Realm Defender will control one character on one computer while you, the human, control the other.  RD is a client/server bot.  The human sends commands via the network to the bot, which obeys your every whim.  RD will auto heal, buff, anything you want automatically in addition to obeying live commands on demand!  RD doesn't need to be in a group to work!  WoW Helper
Not a bot at all, but a very nifty utility that helps you while you play wow.  It will do what macros can't- send series of WoW attacks and loops at the right times to make your WoW life much easier!
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