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Heals, Buffs, Fights, Assists...Realm Defender is a bot like no other.

What is Realm Defender?  RD is a bot designed for 2 computers, and 2 accounts. It is a client/server bot that will follow/heal/assist/buff both automatically and on demand.  It is not a script, but a full windows-based application!

Realm Defender is Low-Risk.  Far less risk than AFK botting.  RD has no memory injection whatsoever, meaning its detectability is extremely low.  And any players that see you, will also be seen by you....with RD you will not look bottish, nothing to be afraid of with RD.

In addition, unlike all those other follow bot scripts, Ream Defender does not need to be partied with your main character in order to work!  This means that lvl 60 can follow around your level 20 and your level 20 will still get all the XP!.

08 OCT 05 You probably know by now that other wow bots like wow Glider and WoW Sharp have been crippled from Blizzard's detection schemes.  using either of these bots (or any other memory bot) will result in a high probability of being banned as the warden client used in WOW specifically searches for them.   Using AC Tool or Auto-IT will definitely result in a ban.

Currently, RB avoids every check in the warden client, making it undetectable.  This is because Realm Bot and Realm Defender do not use any memory mods whatsoever, randomize their window names, and do not use detour hooks for common functions, things that WoW is looking for.  Combined with using the free program "Process Guard", this results in a very discreet bot not detectable by automated means.  Of course, I cannot promise this will always be the case as WoW can update itself at any time .   So while Realm Bot and Realm Defender are the safest bots available, please understand that botting will always be at your own risk and there are never any guarantees.



How good is Realm Defender?  On April 26th, in a heavy test, which I considered the ultimate test that RD must pass, I used Realm Defender on a second Character and joined a party to do an instance. On one computer I controlled, completely, 2 characters. Both characters were 50 and 51 in level. 'We' joined a party with three other players to do an instance run with ZF. The other 3 people in the party had no idea that one of their members was a 'bot'. We completed the entire instance, and killed the boss. Total wipes = 0. RD was a critical member of the team, a primary tank. Had RD failed to perform or even looked 'bottish' these experienced players would have not only wiped several times, they would have noticed. The only time I ever needed to go to the second computer was every few minutes or so during a manna break, I would say something in the /party channel from the 'bot'. Just to be personable and human. They had no idea that their tank was a 'bot'. The test was highly successful.

Some feedback on Realm Defender I recently received and truly appreciated.:

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PostPosted: 01 Jul 2005 01:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post

I finally got around to setting up RD and I must say I am overly pleased with most everything. Of course, adjustments to get things moving smoothly were needed, but that was well worth the 10 minutes of effort.

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Well, as I said.. I would give everyone an update... I didnt get around to using the realmbot, but I did use realmdefender... it was a bit tricky so set up perfectly at first... however given a little bit of time and testing.. I do have to say that this program is amazing. I have not used any other bot-type program before, but I am highly impressed at this one. With it I was able to start 2 new chars and get both of them to lvl 20 in approx 8 hours. Love it Dr G. Anyone who is thinking about getting RD.. stop thinking.

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PostPosted: 15 May 2005 11:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post

Wow, really? I'v been looking for a program like this for awhile. Ever sence EQ I'v been playing 2 accounts. I don't have alot of time to play, so when I do get to play, I don't want to spend alot of time trying to find a group. Thanks again for a great program.




Advanced Settings in Realm Defender allow you to pretty much configure your toon to do anything.  In this example, Realm Defender is controlling a priest.  The 'Server Emergency' is simply a condition I created that causes the Toon Realm Defender is controlling to cast "Shield on myself...wait 2 seconds....cast Heal on myself" whenever he gets very low on health.



The above example is for RD controlling a hunter.  While RD is perfect to be a healbot - to follow around your main and keep you healed, it does not need to be.  It can be a tank unto itself.  You can use RD to control a character similar in level to your main and both of you go on quests.  You can take RD into an instance with another party.  Whatever you want to do, RD is there to serve you.


Join Now and get permanent access to Realm Defender and everything else on the site (including Realm Bot) for $24.95

 You wont find any other bot like this one!


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