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A FULL AFK BOT.  Let RealmBot control your WoW character while you do something else, like enjoy the weather!  The most discreet, most robust bot you will find! 

05 NOV 05 You probably know by now that other wow bots like wow Glider and WoW Sharp have been crippled from Blizzard's detection schemes.  using either of these bots (or any other memory bot) will result in a high probability of being banned as the warden client used in WOW specifically searches for them.   Using AC Tool or Auto-IT will definitely result in a ban.

Currently, RB avoids every check in the warden client, making it undetectable.  This is because Realm Bot and Realm Defender do not use any memory mods whatsoever, randomize their window names, and do not use detour hooks for common functions, things that WoW is looking for.  Combined with using the free program "Process Guard", this results in a very discreet bot not detectable by automated means.  Of course, I cannot promise this will always be the case as WoW can update itself at any time .   So while Realm Bot and Realm Defender are the safest bots available, please understand that botting will always be at your own risk and there are never any guarantees.



RealmBot has 5 superior ways to avoid detection:

1)  Recompiled on member request.  Did you know that your applications have digital signatures on them and that when you accepted your ToS, you allow the gaming company to look 'inside' your RAM?  If you are running static programs like Auto-IT or AC tool to do your botting...LOOK OUT!  Those programs have the same signature time and time again.  Sooo easy to detect.  Realm Bot is re-compiled when requested by members, changing its signature, to avoid any kind of detection.  Members just go to the download area and grab the new version whenever they want and can feel safe that it will have a new digital ID than the last.

2) Realm Bot has numerous 'random' features.   It will move and run around-   But when it moves, or when it stops, it always adds a random amount of seconds, keeping all forms of 'predictable' behavior at a minimum. 

I am not going to advertise the other 3 ways that it avoids detection, because I want Realm Bot to succeed without having to announce all of its features.  But let me tell you this...the last 2 ways are most definitely the best, and I can tell you with confidence that you will not find any wow compatible bot like this.  Any member who joins gets this utility FREE.  


Realm Bot 3.x FEATURES OVER 2.x



Allows you to stores numerous BOT templates.  AFK for priest is different than AFK for Rogue is different from warrior is different for a mage, etc..  You play multiple characters?  You can save each bot setting for each class.

Can tell if a target is neutral or hostile.

Auto-Target, auto fire, auto turn.

Should I fire on targets I acquire?  Should I just wait to get attacked?  IF I am running and am attacked, should I stop?  How often should I move, plus or minus a random amount of seconds?  Where should I move?  Should I move randomly, or to a series of coordinates you specify?  What do I do when I get a whisper?  Should I auto-logoff after 1 hour of being AFK?  2 hours?  Or maybe I should stay AFK indefinitely until cancelled?  What should I do if my health falls below 20%?  Should I RUN?  Maybe I should drink a potion? 

These are just some of the settings you can configure in Realm Bot 3.0.  There are many more.  No matter what your class, you can find Realm Bot can play your character for you, while AFK.


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Realm Bot FAQ

Q:  What is Realm Bot?

A:  It is a generic windows macro program configurable to use with a variety of applications.  It controls what you want it to while you go and do something else.  Go to sleep, wake up, and find it still working like a warhorse!  It is free with membership.

Q:  Can I use it with World of Warcraft?

A:  Of course you can!  You can use it with whatever you want.  Realm Bot is versatile enough to work with numerous games.  It is a sophisticated pixel reader that you configure to use with whatever you wish!  I have put together some instructions on configuring it with WoW.  These instructions are here.

Q:  Why are you being so vauge?

A:  Because I bear no responsibility for how you decide to use it.  It is a wonderful tool, but once you get it, its yours, and I am not affiliated with how you use it.  Basically it comes down to this:  you use it at your own risk.

Q:  What does it do?

A:  It is very robust!  But I don't want to get into many details, because it is free only for members.  You can join by clicking here.

Q:  What does it run on?

A:  I have tested it only on XP systems with no probs.  It also works great with win 2000, but may need to install a couple Microsoft Updates.  ME and 98...eeks....dont know about that. 

Q:  If I were to use it with a game, say, World of Warcraft, would it interferre with it in any way?

A:  Not in the slightest!  Absolutely no UI modifications, client mods, or data-stream mods are made whatsoever.  The bot will display a console window, but this is NOT an alteration of your game window.  It is merely a 'window' that is placed 'always on top' of your game window.  There are no alterations to the game made whatsoever.  This means that this is NOT a hack.  NO hacking is done at all by this bot. 

Q:  Does it use AC tool, or is it a 'script' bot?

A:  That would be a negative.  This is not AC tool nor does it use it.  This is 100% custom written, brand new software.  It is a windows program, not script based.  There is a SMALL amount of text that you have to 'input' into the system simply to tell it what to do (like control a game character), but thats it.




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