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If you use WoW helper, please download the latest version for improvements

Updated Version 1.3 Notes:

  • WoW Helper has a built in feature to enhance its invisibility.
  • Added the ability to specify wait times down to 1/1000th of a second
  • Now able to hide the console window
  • WoW Helper now allows you to set timed buffs and/or sequences
  • The console window has been reduced in size.
  • Fixed a problem in 1.2 where aborting the helper caused an error

FREE TO MEMBERS!  Get a forum membership, and this tool is yours free.
  Click here for more instructions on setting up WoW Helper and members download area


WoW Helper can do those routine tasks that cannot be done with an in-game script.  
Configure WoW Helper to do just about anything.  Loop Buffs, Perform complex command sequences with WoW Helper.  Built in randomization and a completely external thread helps make the program very discreet

Q:  What is WoW Helper?

Think about this:  A Hunter does the following:  Mark, Send Pet, wait until pet hits target, aimed shot, pause a couple seconds, serpent sting, pause, then auto-fire.  Thats a lot of keys to press constantly.  WoW Helper will do it all for you....Automatically!!

And what about your priest?  You want to cast your Fortitude every 30 minutes, your Shadow protection and Fear ward every 10 minutes?  No problem.  Helper for WoW has loop capability.  Every X minutes, Do Y.  That way, all those important buffs are kept up at all times.

Are you a Rogue that has a bread-and-butter move list?  Want to automate that?  Rather than press 10 keys, have WoW Helper do it for you. 

WoW Helper simply sends commands and pauses when you need it to.  It is NOT a Bot, it is NOT AFK.  It is to make gaming more fun, and less likely to induce wrist injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome.  It does NOT give you a competitive edge because it can only press the keys as you would.  It is a harmless program simply designed to lighten the load on your tired wrists.

Having said that...even though it is quite harmless....I am not responsible for anything that may or may not befall you from using it.  It is at your own risk :)

Q: What games is it compatible with?

Like RealmBot, WoW Helper is fully compatible with virtually any windows program- not just games.  You tell the software what you want to 'control'.  WoW Helper can work with pretty much any game out there, it is not just one-game specific, even though it works fabulously with the most popular online game today.

Q:  How is it different from Realm Bot

Realm Bot is designed to control you while AFK.  WoW helper is to help you while you play.  WoW Helper has NO AFK functionality (Get Realm Bot for going AFK).  It is entirely designed to help your wrists while you play the game.

Q:  Does it use AC tool, or is it a 'script' bot?

A:  No.  This is not AC tool nor does it use it.  This is 100% custom written, brand new software.  It is a windows program, not script based.  There is a SMALL amount of text that you have to 'input' into the system simply to tell it what to do, but thats it.

Q:  What if I buy a membership, and dont like the helper?

A:  You have nothing to lose.  You pay for membership, not the helper (it is free to members).  If you are not happy with the bot, or anything about your membership, ask for a refund within 7 days.



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