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TROUBLESHOOTING & TIPS (Tips at the bottom)


The following can cause this: 

#1.  You do not have at least MDAC 2.8 found here:  This will likely be the case for all non XP users!

#2.  Your firewall is not letting you talk to the SQL server.  make sure that your local firewall or ISP is not blocking ports 137-139, 1049, 1050 and 1433

#3.   You are a new user and your account has not yet been added to the RB3 database.  Forum accounts and RB accounts are on completely separate databases for security reasons.  I add new users usually within 24 hours of joining.  If it has been more than 24 hours, send me a PM. 

#4.  You are using the wrong account/password 

#5.  The RB server is down

White Text over my Health and Manna do I click in the 'green' or the 'blue' ??

This can be tough.  There are two ways:  log in as a dummy character newbie and use its health bar, or get res sickness and those 4 digits that block your bar will become 3.

Bot in combat mode or cooldown mode constantly
You need to reconfigure your location settings. That means that your health bar isn't set right. You need to reset your "locations" settings. Sometimes, the white text that appears over a health bar can corrupt the color setting of higher level characters.
Create a new level 1 character
Now, set your health bar and location settings using a level 1 character
now everything should work properly for your main.

If your bot is not turning around when facing the wrong way then that means you need to reconfigure your setting for "You are facing the wrong way". Again, use 800x600 resolution. Make sure that you click the mouse once and WAIT....if you click the mouse then move the mouse, the setting could get corrupted. You must click the mouse and keep perfectly still while setting up your locations.

Best way to get to report your problem

Just telling me 'my bot crashed' or 'i didn't get a loot'  doesn't help me. :(   You need to tell me:  were you in combat mode when X happened?  What did your console say, if anything when X happened?  What exactly were you doing?  What was the desired action (as in what was the bot supposed to do) vs. the actual action (what it did).  What kind of setup were you using?  Did X happen during 'peace' mode?  During cooldown?  Was he moving at the time?  I need detail, detail if I'm going to fix an issue!

"My toon wont target anything!

Reset your neutral and hostile targets.  They do change, which is why they are on the main page.

My toon wont ATTACK anything!  And I have my targets set right!

Make sure your bot is in AGGRESSIVE mode and has a ranged sequence.  RB3 will only target as far as your tab key will work.  

"I move around when I loot"

Go into the general interface options (NOT COSMOS) and uncheck 'click to move'

"My Toon runs into walls"

Realm Bot 3 cannot read obstacles.  When it moves, it just moves, and has no idea what it is moving into.  Best is to pre scout the area for your set radius.

"My Hunter tries to shoot a bow while in Melee"

t 3 cannot read obstacles.  When it moves, it just moves, and has no idea what it is moving into.  Best is to pre scout the area for your set radius.

"My guy keeps 'turning' while AFK, and I want it to stop"

Set your 'turn one chunk delay' to zero

"How can I get him to walk back further or shorter when facing the wrong way?"

In 'advanced settings' change your walk back feature to short or long.

"My guy just stands there whenever he enters combat.  He isn't swinging at anything!"

Make sure that you have your 'attack' command in slot #1.  (see setup screen)

"My guy wont fire his long range weapon or cast a spell in Aggressive mode."

He will only fire/cast if he has a target.  If he gets a target and doesn't fire, reset your hostile/neutral target settings on the main screen.  You should be doing this everytime you AFK.

Also, make sure you have a ranged sequence in place.  When your toon targets something in aggressive mode, he will ONLY send his ranged sequence.  The fight sequences are not activated unless his health drops.

My Mage is burning up all his manna after fight and pulls another mob.  How can I stop this?

Enable the caster mode in the setup screen and configure a minimum manna level.  He will then wait to recharge his manna to that level before he attacks something. 

My guy doesn't always loot!  WHAT THE?

Is looting turned ON?  Do you have 5 loot configurations properly set?  Did you set your loot, go in game and change your camera angle? 

PLEASE NOTE:  there are certain circumstances you will NOT loot.  RB3 Always determines that:   Living > Looting

with this in mind...if you are in combat, and then get hit from behind by another mob...once RB3 kills the first mob, it will sacrifice its loot and try to kill the second mob.  RB3 will attempt to loot the second, but the first is a loss.


"Failed to Initialize!"  RB wont even open.

 thats because your version of the .NET Framework is out of date. go to and get the .NET Framework version 1.1 Follow instructions here

Bot runs very choppy.

To best use RB3, you should minimize all the settings in your game.  If you do this, and have a somewhat decent machine, it should run quite smooth.  Even running the bot in a reduced window size may help this even more.



To use RB you must have an RB account.  I have to input all RB accounts manually.  I simply run a query that copies your forum information into the RB database.  This means that  the password/username you have at the time I make the copy will be 'hardcoded' into the RB database.  If you change your forum password or username, your RB account will still remain the same.  You will need to send me an email to change your RB information.  Also, because I input RB accounts manually, it could take a day or so from the time you join until you can use RB.   if you are a member of Restricted Realm and cannot login, please let me know.  I need your forum handle and your email address.

About Realm Bot 3

RB3 is a very complex, glorified 'pixel reader' that utilizes numerous timers and loops to set triggers and conditions based on what it 'reads' on your screen.  At least once, sometimes up to 5 times, every .6 seconds, RB is 'grabbing' and 'reading' pixels on your screen.  This means that RB3 utilizes CPU, usually 15-30%.    To best use RB3, you should minimize all the settings in your game.  If you do this, and have a somewhat decent machine, it should run quite smooth.

AFK Theory

I.  Philosophy

There are Three primary philosophical premises to understand about how to gain  XP while AFK using this guide.  Please read them, as they are very important:

#1)  When you attack smaller, easy creatures, you have a very high probability of surviving.

#2)   Many small XP gains over time will add up!

#3)  When you are AFK and out doing other things, time is something your character has plenty of!  We are simply using the time you have while AFK to make many small exp gains, which will add up as the hours pass.


Since your character will be engaging in real combat while you are AFK, the worst thing that can happen to you is death while AFK.  Once your character dies, all EXP gain will come to a halt.  Please note, this is not always terrible-  it only sucks depending upon when your character dies.

EXAMPLE:  You are going to sleep.  There is still 7 hours left until the servers go down for maintenance.  You start your macro and then go to bed.  Your character is fighting away, grinding up EXP for hours.  But finally, after 6 hours, he gets killed.  When you wake up in the morning and check your character, he is deadBut your character still managed to get you several thousand XP and loot to boot!  Not bad, considering you wouldn't have had anything otherwise.

So don't always think of death as a failure.  If your character is frequently dying after only 30 minutes of being AFK, then we need to make some macro adjustments and/or find a new spot (I explain this later).  But if he is dying after 4-6 hours of pounding away, racking up 20K exp gains,  that might be perfectly ok!



Remember that anytime SOE does server maintenance or your ISP bugs out, so will your character.  If you lose connection while AFK, or the servers go down, your macro will stop until you restart it again.

Combat in Realm Bot
Combat in realm bot always begins when one...and only one condition is met:

Your health drops below the level you set (in the set locations screen)....AND

You have a target....(if you do not have 'require target before aggression checked',  it will assume combat the moment your health drops, whether or not you have a target)

You will never enter combat mode if your health is at 100%.  Realm bot will tell you when it is in combat, you will see the display on status say 'Combat.'  So if you used a ranged sequence of one command, say 'Cast Firebolt'....and you hit your enemy with a firebolt, you will finish the ranged sequence and simply stand there, having no idea that the enemy is charging you.  The enemy runs up to you, and you are still not in combat mode.  Why?  Because your health is 100%.  Then enemy hits checks health, sees a drop, then enters combat.  This process from the first entering combat will usually take 1 second...sometimes up to two seconds.  It is normal bot operation, and I cannot make it any more efficient than this without causing RB3 to eat up so much CPU that your system crawls (because as you should know, the game itself takes up 90% or more of your CPU, it is a hog.)  You can do several things to avoid this, such as increase the amount of attack commands in your ranged sequence, or even add a '1' for melee attack in your ranged sequence (if you do this, i can't guarantee everything will flow smooth, because I never tested it like that)

Setting Up Realm Bot


Location Configuration

This is the backbone of RB.  Unless these are set properly, nothing will work right.  Follow the instructions on the screen and as described in the setup page. 

Loot Configuration

If you turn looting 'ON' then RB3 will accept 5 mouse locations that it will use as a basis for all loots.  To get this working right...get your camera angle set the way you want it.  Configure looting by clicking on 5 locations around your character.    RB3 will slightly randomize these (to prevent clicks in the identical spots over and over again, potentially flagging your character) and each time you make a kill, RB3 will attempt to loot.  PLEASE NOTE:  there are certain circumstances you will NOT loot.  RB3 Always determines that:   Living > Looting

with this in mind...if you are in combat, and then get hit from behind by another mob...once RB3 kills the first mob, it will sacrifice its loot and try to kill the second mob.  RB3 will attempt to loot the second, but the first is a loss.

Bot Configuration


This is the fundamental

Target Out of Range

Aggressor Mode

Chunk Turning

Class Configuration



CASTERS: you will see a new section in the setup screen also. This is for you to set a manna level at which your character will NOT target in aggression mode when manna is beneath that level. This allows your casters to regenerate manna in-between combats before searching for their next target. Note: if you are AGGROED by a hostile target while waiting for manna, you will fight as normal.


Hunters can ensure that if a target is too close, they enter melee mode.  With this configured, if   'target too close' appears during combat, you will immediately stop what you are doing and execute fight sequence B.  So make sure fight seq B is a melee one!


In the setup screen you will see a new 'Detect Warrior Rage' section. Here you simply 'grab' a certain rage level by clicking on your RED rage bar (gonna have to do some combat to get it up, then click on it) and whenever you go AFK, and your rage reaches the level that you set, a special command sequence will be executed- whatever you want it to be!

Stationary Bot

Mobile Bot



Avg Length


Non-Combat Loops


Ranged Sequence

Combat Initialization

Fight Sequences

To fight in RB3, you need to setup a fight sequence.  What is a fight sequence?  It is a line of text that contains one or more commands that represent what you want your character to do.  So...what should your character do when a fight starts?  Lets say you want him to Cast Fire then cast Frost.  Ok, how long of a pause is there between those?  Say it takes 5 seconds to cast one, then the other.  Now, what 'keys' on your keyboard represent fire and frost?  Lets say keys 2 and 3.  Your fight sequence would read, then 2,w5,3.  This means:  "Press 2, wait 5 seconds, press 3."  RB3 recognizes these special commands:

Wx  =  Wait x amount of seconds

Fx   =  Press Function Key X

^x   = Press CTRLx

%x   = Press ALTx

Each command must be seperated with a comma.  So the fight sequence:  "5,w3,F6,w7,%4,w2,^2"  would read:

Press 5....wait 3 F6....wait 7 ALT4....wait 2 CTRL2



AFK Settings

Whisper Detection


click on your chat window, create new window, call it whatever you like.
set the color to 100% solid black
now configure realm bot to get an incoming whisper.

send a whisper to yourself and click the purple 'T' of 'To:'
whenever you go AFK, while in WoW, bring up your black chat window and realm bot will see all incoming whispers.

oh and one more thing about the message box telling you to MAXIMIZE WoW. You don't *have* to do that. you can run WoW in a smaller window, however if you move the window even a tiny amount, all of your settings will be off since Realm Bot is configured to use mouse locations to detect events.

I just put that maximize bit in there to scare ya. Razz



Hostile & Neutral Targets

Advanced Settings

CUSTOMIZEABLE BOT NAME: In the advanced settings, you can give the bot any name you want. You will need to restart the bot.

Walk Back short/medium/long.  This is how far the bot 'walks back' when facing the wrong way.  short = 1 second, medium = 1.5 seconds, long = 2.5 seconds





Rename your RB3.exe file.  If you run RB3.exe it shows up in your system processes as 'RB3.exe', and this is bad.  Change it to something else, just make sure it has an .exe at the end.

You do NOT have to run the bot with WoW Maximized.  In fact, I run it most of the time in 800x600, taking up only part of my giant monitor. 

You do NOT have to configure both hostile and neutral targets.  You can simply configure one kind, that way you will never attack the other.

Change your application name!  IN advanced settings, you can rename the entire window application to something like 'DocMaker'.

You can use the 'class' triggers for anything you want!  For example, the warrior class setting is designed to send a sequenced based off rage levels.  Well... in theory, you could use this as a generic X when I detect Y.

TIP: set your in-game WoW video settings to 800x600 for maximum bot performance. its easier to configure with this setting. but remember that once you configure RB to use 800x600 you will need to change your wow settings to 800x600 every time you run the bot.

TIP: Always run the bot with the setting "use cooldown" box checked.

TIP: Cosmos is needed (or another mod that changes your health bar as a color gradient to red as you take damage) for emergency health trigger to work properly.

When you click the far right edge of your health bar, Realm bot "records" that location and every .5 seconds checks to make sure that the exact location you clicked is the SAME COLOR as when you originally set it (i.e. green). If it is any other color, it assumes combat.



Here is a basic setup to get you started using RB3

try this....first of all dont configure any advanced settings. turn off any 'class mode' and put none for default. make it stationary. skip fight sequence B, just put in a sequence for A. for starters, make it very simple: W20

yup thats it. just W20 for wait 20 seconds.

now, make sure that the 'require targets before aggression (cooldown)' box is checked. turn off whisper detection. AFK = perpetual. Set your turn marker to 500. set aggression ON. set turning to 45 seconds.

for RANGED, simply put in your autofire key# if you are a hunter, or an offensive spell (preferrably a DoT).. Map an offensive ranged attack to key# 2 in-game and in your ranged sequence, put '2'

thats it.

now save that as template 1 and on your main screen, configure your hostile and neutral targets. to do this, go in the game and bring up a RED or YELLOW target. click in the upper left corner of the RED bar for hostile, or YELLOW bar for neutral.

now GO AFK.

when you are in the game, run up to some critters. your hunter should melee.

make sure that #1 = attack.

thats a very very simple config for your bot, but should get u started.