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Here is a basic example of RB for a warrior.  Please note that this will NOT be the same for you.  I'll explain what is going on:

Aggressor Mode:  On.  I want the warrior to pull mobs that he sees with his gun.  When the warrior targets a mob, fire the gun.  Aggression means that my warrior will be looking for a fight, rather than waiting for the fight to come to him.  So in my ranged sequence, I need to put the command for firing my gun.  In my game, I use the #8 to fire my gun.  So here is what I want to happen:  warrior targets mob, fires gun to pull mob.  To do this, I turn on aggression, and put 8 (fire gun) in my ranged sequence.  Of course, YOUR ranged sequence to fire a gun is probably not going to be 8 like mine.

Ragel Level:  this is the location in my rage bar that, once RB sees, will execute my rage commands.  I set my rage bar at about 30 rage.  So once RB sees that I have 30 rage, it will REND, wait 3 seconds, then Heroic Strike.  (2,w3,3)

In my fight Sequence, I have w4,4,w20.  The fight sequence only happens when I am getting attacked (a mob is on me).  4 is Battle Shout on my keyboard.  Usually, it takes about 4 seconds of combat for me to get 10 rage, so my fight sequence will:  wait 4 seconds, battle shout, then wait 20 seconds.  Why do I wait 20 seconds?  Because during that 20 seconds, I will be in combat, gathering rage.  Whenever my rage reaches 30, I will execute my rage commands.  So for a warrior, your fight sequence should be mostly waiting.  Your true commands will be your rage sequence.  While waiting, your warrior will be in combat mode, attacking the enemy and gaining rage.  Realm Bot automatically presses '1' whenever it detects combat, so never put a '1' in anything.

Require Target Before Combat (Cooldown) is checked.  This is very important as it will tell your warrior to wait until his/her health is back up before pulling another mob.