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23 NOV 2002:   Final Update.   Please Report bugs to emprworm at FED2K


Greetings, fellow traveller.  This is my last and final update for the Shack (unless I find some bugs).  I have taken everything that I know about this game, as well as knowledge donated by some of the great players this game has ever seen- and I am giving it all to YOU!   There are many people I want to thank, first and foremost Sardcore for the best teamate I've ever had in this game, and  IxianMace for all his help getting this site up and running.  Please scroll down to read my closing comments and goodbyes.  Otherwise, LETS GET DOWN TO SOME STRATS!

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Acknowledgments and Final Words:
Thanks to all who submitted their BO's to the Shack!  It was an honor for me to have your talents reflected on this site.

Since this is the last time I will update this site, I want to thank and say goodbye to all those who made this game an enjoyable experience for me.  You'll still see me around the forums for a while, and even online until Starwars Galaxies comes out.   First and foremost is my long time faithful online friend Sardcore.  If it weren't for him, I probably would have left this game long ago. Without question he is the best friend I've had in this game and a superb teammate.  It is not easy to find people that understand team play as good as he does.    I sure hope that I see you in Starwars Galaxies, sard!  Next I want to thank IxianMace for helping me with this final (and huge) update.  He spent hours with me getting screenshots, video and even helping to debug the website with Mozilla.  Since I programmed a major portion of this update with Microsoft, many features of ASP wouldn't look right in Netscape, so thanks to IxianMace, this website is now Netscape compatible (although it still looks much better in IE).  I also want to thank my good friend Clam74 who I have enjoyed many great games with,  as well as Zamboe for helping me with some videos.  Thanks to EdricO.  Even though I never played with Edric, he is such a great guy, and I would have him over as a guest in my home any day.   I also greatly appreciated the works of Gobalopper who, lets be honest here, kept the EBFD community alive.  If it weren't for him, we would have vanished long ago.  He has a remarkable ability to be neutral and does a fantastic job Administering a board.  I know because I tried once and failed.  When Gob finally banned Nav, my already high respect for him went even higher.  Not that I hate Nav, I don't even know him.  Its just that the EBFD community is small these days, and Navaros forced Gob to make a decision to preserve the community or preserve the one.  Gob made, IMHO, the correct choice.   Thanks also my old buddy elite47.  Do you remember the days of SOC Elite?  Ha!  What fun they were.  And Taqwa11, what can I say about this guy?  Without his encouragement, this update wouldn't exist.  What a great guy, I mean that not just as some 'character named Taqwa11 on an internet board', but he seems like a great person all around in general.  I hope I run into him again in another game or even in real life.  Also need to mention undsputed, another great guy- he always treated people with respect and like Gob, has a great ability to see things objectively.  Also lots of fun to play with.   There are so many more that I have come to respect that I just cant name them all- guys like Acelethal, Darkkavu, Brennq, Doompow3r, Omniviper, Desertway and old players that I dont see anymore like Purmalice and Bilbo (minus his rude behavior).  The only people I wont miss are Navaros, Madluxan, and procyonb all of whom have proven to be spineless, rude, dishonorable...ok I wont say it.  No flaming here.   :)

And if I didn't mention your name, I apologize, I just cant think of everyone off the top of my head.  As long as you aren't one of those three slimes I quoted above, you are cool in my book!!




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